Plant Risk Assessment

Plant Risk Assessment

Plant, Machinery, Tools & Equipment Risk Assessments

Plant or plant related injuries are a major cause of workplace death and injury in Australian workplaces. Unsafe use, poor design or a lack of maintenance of plant and equipment poses significant risks to workers. They can be crushed, burnt, receive an electrical shock, lose their hearing or suffer a range of musculoskeletal disorders.

“Managing the risks associated with plant should be part of a comprehensive OHS management plan.”

MBE Training & OHS Consultancy

The term ‘plant’ is quite diverse and covers such things as machinery, equipment, tools, forklifts, cranes, conveyor belts and power tools. Managing the risks associated with plant should be part of a comprehensive OHS management plan.

MBE Training conducts Plant Risk Assessments for plant equipment including earthmoving equipment, bobcats, front-end loaders, excavators & can supply safety stickers.

Your Duty In Relation To Plant Risk Assessment

An Employer's Or Business Owner's Responsibility

Your primary duty as an employer is to provide and maintain plant in a safe condition, as well as ensure the safe use, handling, storage and transport of plant.

A Plant Risk assessment is one way of inspecting plant. The plant risk assessment is a comprehensive inspection of a piece of plant or equipment to ensure it is safe for use and has the required labels or marking located in the correct areas.

Safety Stickers & Labels

MBE training are able to supply all of your safety stickers and labels that may be required as part of the risk assessment.

Each type of Safety Sticker Kit includes all the commonly used safety and hazard warnings for each particular machine used in Mining, Earth Moving, Plant Rental, Agriculture & Construction.

Stickers and Labels

MBE training are able to supply stickers and labels for your machines to ensure they are compliant.

Safety stickers and labels can be supplied for equipment and machinery for industries including: Mining, Earth Moving, Plant Rental, Agriculture, Construction and many more.