Training Courses

Training Courses

At MBE Training our philosophy is how can we make training more affordable and easier for organisations?
To try and achieve this, MBE Training will work with the client to undertake training at a time and place that suits their needs and try to reduce as much down time and lost productivity as possible.

Training can cost organisations up to three times:

  1. You pay the trainer for their time to conduct a training course
  2. You are paying the attendees wages while they are in the training course
  3. Loss of productivity while attendees are in the training course

MBE training will endeavour to conduct as much of the training and the practical assessments on the job as possible.

For more information about our current courses on offer please click on the course link below.

Benefits Of Completing Training At Attendee’s Workplace

Some of the benefits of completing the training in the attendee’s usual workplace are:

  • Reduces the costs of training
  • Helps to increase productivity for the business
  • Attendees are familiar with the equipment and the surroundings and reduces some of anxiety around being assessed

Benefits Of Onsite Training

Reduces training costs

Increases productivity for the business

Familiarity with surroundings & equipment

Reduces anxiety for attendees


All of the courses listed below are nationally recognised training and on successful completion each attendee will receive a Statement of attainment with the relevant course codes and information:

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MBE Training work in conjunction with other RTO’s and we have a variety of other units that we can facilitate, please contact MBE Training to discuss further